A Survey For The Indian Retail Investors

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/01/2015 - 14:00

I started regularly updating myself about the Indian stock markets since 2008, when a meltdown had started engulfing the markets all over the world, and based on my observations since then, both online as well as across my own social sphere, I've come to the conclusion that very few of the Indian retail investors must actually be making any kind of the gains through investing and trading, which we normally happen to ascribe to the markets. The rest may simply be clubbed either among those, who are there for networking and socialization through investing, or among a bunch of loss-makers - who perennially go on hoping for a reversal of their fortunes, and therefore the recovery of their losses one fine day.

This brought the Indian retail investors, and the so-called role played by the FIIs in swindling them (aided by the DIIs and brokerage houses as well, of course) into my focus since then, and the resulting maze of ideas was the following survey, which attempts at examining how the retail investors might be faring in the Indian stock markets. The exercise aims at gathering some useful information about the Indian market sentiments, and also help put to rest the doubts and the conspiracy theories about the Indian retail investors being systematically defrauded by the big market players. You can check the results for the questions after completing he survey (little to showcase, right now though).

The key points to be probed by this survey are :

How many of the Indian retail investors might be gaining or losing money in the stock markets; i.e. the percentage of the gainers and losers?

If a large chunk of the Indian retail investors are losers, then how come so many of the business-savvy Gujaratis invest there? What is their percentage among the gainers and losers, anyway?

Do the Indian retail investors really feel, they were collectively being defrauded by the FIIs, DIIs, the brokerage houses and their mainstream media cohorts?